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The Lie: Research into brainwashing and mind control

When I was in my twenties I went on a meditation retreat with a friend of mine. We were stressed and, whilst not particularly spiritual, we thought that a long weekend away from the hustle and bustle of Brighton life … Continue reading

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My top ten sociopaths in film and literature

It’s no co-incidence that some of my favourite characters in fiction and film are sociopaths. Whether you call them psychopaths or sociopaths (and the debate continues about whether there’s a difference) the fact is they make for hugely memorable characters. … Continue reading

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The Lie: Research into cult leaders and psychopaths

When I began plotting THE LIE my plan was to put four female friends into a setting that would cause the cracks in their relationships to deepen, and force the women to turn against each other. I considered several different … Continue reading

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The Lie: Research into toxic friendships between women…

In my previous blog post I explained that THE LIE, my new psychological thriller, was inspired by my fascination with the mechanics of female friendships, particularly female friendships that aren’t as stable as they appear – friendships where there’s underlying … Continue reading

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The Lie: what inspired the book (CL Taylor video) and a very creepy mailer campaign…

Here’s a short video about what inspired me to write my second psychological thriller THE LIE. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be blogging about some of the research I did before writing the novel, including: toxic friendships, cult … Continue reading

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