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124 thoughts on “FREE CL Taylor Readers’ Club

    1. C.L. Taylor says:

      If you join my book club a link will be sent to you in an email shortly after you join. The link will allow you to download the story in a variety of different formats. If you are already a member of my book club you should have received an email earlier this year telling you how to get your free copy.

      1. C.L. Taylor says:

        The email with the link to the story should be with you within 24 hours.

      2. Christine Angell says:

        Thank you for your reply but I don’t seem to have received this. What e mail address will it come from so I can search my other folders please?

      3. laurakatie07 says:

        Just read Sleep and it was such a fantastic read, I couldn’t put it down! Literally! I would come home on my lunch breaks just to read some more! I wanted to get back into reading because it’s something I used to enjoy and this book has made me fall in love with reading all over again. Thanks Cally!

      4. C.L. Taylor says:

        Hello Laura, that’s just the loveliest thing to read. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave me a message. Nothing makes me happier than hearing that one of my books has made someone fall in love with reading again. I’m so pleased – for me and you! Happy reading!

      5. Diane Justice says:

        Really enjoyed your book The Escape. Hope to read more of your books, so gripping. Thank you.

      6. C.L. Taylor says:

        Thank you, Diane. I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed The Escape and that you find my books gripping. I hope you like the next one you pick up. All the best, Cally

      7. Christine Parker says:

        Hi I’ve just finished reading Strangers and as usual brilliant! Have read all your books and always waiting for the next one, you never disappoint!

      8. C.L. Taylor says:

        Thank you, Christine. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and I’m chuffed that you’ve read all my books. Hope you enjoy the next one – I’m 30,000 words into the first draft. All the best, Cally PS. There will be a young adult thriller, The Island, out before this one in January. I’ve finished that!

      9. Ann says:

        I have just finished reading Sleep and thoroughly enjoyed it. I bought it to take on holiday (the only time I read books nowadays) but obviously due to lockdown no holiday so I picked up your book and loved it. Thanks to your book I am now starting to read again on a regular basis. Just the tonic that I needed in lockdown – thank you.

      10. Ian Taylor says:

        Dear Cally,
        I lived for many years in Bristol.
        Have just read Strangers.
        Loved it!
        Shall be buying another tomorrow.
        Thank you for a wonderful read.
        Kind regards

      11. C.L. Taylor says:

        Thank you, Ian. That’s lovely to hear. I hope it brought back good memories and that you enjoy my other books! All the best, Cally

      12. Zunetta says:

        Hey Cally so glad to be a part of the club, I never really had that much of an interest in reading till I found yours, it looked like those types of books with interesting titles but a boring book inside, but boy was I wrong I was absolutely hooked. Like OMG you have become my favourite author, my parents literally had to go snitch the book of me, to stop me from reading. I am absolutely hooked, love the amazing stories. I’m so excited to get the free copy. Keep it up. Love Ya :O 🙂

      13. C.L. Taylor says:

        Hi Zunetta, what a great message to receive. I’m so pleased that you enjoy my books and you can’t put them down. It made me laugh that your parents have to snatch them out of your hands! Hope you enjoy the free story. All the best, Cally.

      14. Chris Nolan says:

        Hi there, ‘Her Last Holiday’ was chosen as the latest read at the book group I belong to. I started reading it a few days ago and couldn’t put it down. I now hold you responsible for no housework being done! I am looking forward to reading another of your books but I won’t be buying one until I’ve at least pushed the Hoover round!

    2. Kim Shipp says:

      Just watching you on The Sarah Cox Show, so I Googled you, and will now be looking to read your books.

      1. C.L. Taylor says:

        Hi Kim, thanks for getting in touch. I hope you enjoy my books and thanks for watching the show. I hugely enjoyed it.

      2. Trish Hastings Carew says:

        Just finished Strangers. Fabulous book. Had to keep reading, it’s a proper page turner, brilliant story. Can’t wait for my next one of your books. Hooked for sure.

      3. Zunetta says:

        Hey, Cally tysm for the reply really made my day. I just had a few questions if you don’t mind 🙂
        What inspired you to begin writing your books?
        When did you first start writing?
        Did people appreciate your writing skills and support you when you first started?
        Will, there be any new books after “Her last holiday” and “The Island”
        What advice would you give to young writers?
        Thank you so much for making your awesome books
        Love Zunetta ❤

      4. C.L. Taylor says:

        Hi again, Zunetta.

        Here are the answers to your questions:

        What inspired you to begin writing your books?

        I wanted to be a writer from aged eight. I read a lot and my favourite book was Enid Blyton’s The Magic Faraway Tree series. I wanted to be able to take readers somewhere magical in their imagination like she did (although I ended up taking readers to somewhere dark in their imagination instead!)

        When did you first start writing?

        At aged eight. I wrote a few very short books/stories and sent them off to publishers. They were rejected. I didn’t write an adult book until I was thirty-five.

        Did people appreciate your writing skills and support you when you first started?

        Yes, my family were very supportive but I don’t think anyone really believed that I would become a published author because it felt like another world. I had a lovely English teacher at school who was very supportive of the short stories I wrote. When I wrote a book as an adult I became friends with lots of other aspiring authors via the blogs we all wrote and we were all really supportive of each other.

        Will, there be any new books after “Her last holiday” and “The Island”

        Yes, I’m writing the next adult book now which will be published in June 2022. I don’t have any plans to write any more Young Adult books at the moment.

        What advice would you give to young writers?

        Finish what you are writing! Writing a book is very exciting at the beginning but after a while you may become bored or feel like it’s a slog or the self-doubt will set in (and convince you your book is rubbish) but that’s normal for every author, even published ones! Get to ‘the end’ and then you can rewrite it and make it better. The book ‘Self editing for fiction writers’ has lots of tips on how to edit. Also, analyse the books you love to see how the author made them so compelling – do they use sentences that hook at the start of chapters or cliffhangers at the end? Do the stakes get higher as the book progresses? Why do you care about the characters? If you can analyse all these things it will help you with your own writing. And finally, don’t give up if you are rejected. All writers are rejected, often at multiple points in their career. Keep trying, be resilient. If one book fails to get you an agent write another. And write the best book you can. I hope that helps.

    3. Ali Bickle says:

      I’m currently working my way through your books.
      I started with Sleep and I’ve just finished The Fear. I’ve already ordered more of your books from amazon!
      I’m only 20 and never read a book from start to finish, but I’m hooked on yours. I love your style or writing.

      Thank you for getting me in to reading!

      1. C.L. Taylor says:

        Hi Ali, lovely to hear from you. I’m really honoured that my books have got you into reading. I think that’s the biggest compliment I could be given as an author. I’m so glad you enjoyed Sleep and The Fear and hope you enjoy the rest of my books. All the best, Cally x

  1. Lorraine Walker says:

    Hi there, just read The Missing, could not put it down! My sort of book! Look forward to being part of the book club and reading your other books. Lorraine.

  2. Joana Anjos says:

    Hi! I just read The Escape … well, what a book! Surprises from the first page to the end … something is always happening … Really incredible! I loved!
    It’s really cool the interaction you have with your fans and I want to congratulate you on the initiative! Since I have a blog about book reviews and stories written by myself and my co-author I could not miss the opportunity to join this club and still have the opportunity to get another small book to read as well as all the news ! I’m sure I’ll read more of your books if I find them here in Portugal!

    1. C.L. Taylor says:

      Hi Joana, thanks so much for taking the time to leave me a message. I’m so glad you enjoyed The Escape and hope you enjoy your free copy of The Lodger. Fingers crossed my Portuguese publisher buys lots more of my books! All the best, Cally.

      1. Joana Anjos says:

        Hi! I’m so sad … I’ve found that The Escape is the only book you’ve written here … it’s so sad … well, I have to wait until they decide to publish the remaining books.

      1. Pam says:

        Have really enjoyed reading so many of your books. Just read three on holiday, the last one being The Treatment. It seemed a very different format to the others, but enjoyed it just as much. Cannot wait to search to see what ones I have missed.

      2. C.L. Taylor says:

        Thank you, Pam. So pleased that you’ve enjoyed my books. The Treatment is a young adult thriller with a hint of dystopia so yes, a little different from the other. Glad you enjoyed it and hope you had a great holiday.

  3. Rosie says:

    I have just joined the book club as I have read lots of your books and absolutely love them! Most recently I read ‘The Escape’ and it was amazing – so gripping and right up my street. I’m excited to read ‘The Lodger’ and have just ordered ‘The Fear’ so thank you for feeding my addiction to psychological thrillers 😀

  4. Lucy says:

    So I brought your new book ‘The Fear’ a couple of days ago. Started reading it at about 4pm this afternoon – I finished it at 11:30pm! Its such a page-turner – your best book yet. I could not put it down (though I grudgingly did to eat my dinner)! So excited to read ‘The Lodger’ and can’t wait to see what your future books hold! 🙂

  5. Marilyn Williams says:

    Wasn’t looking for another book to read, have two bookcases full of ‘when I retire’ books. Saw this one in the cruise ship library, and something about the cover screamed READ ME!……well two days later and I’ve just finished reading THE MISSING. WOW…. Couldn’t put it down. Brilliantly written, kept me gripped……lol….just ordered two more of your books, and know already that I’ll have to read them all. Fan of Sydney Sheldon, Agatha Christie, Linda La Plante, any murder / physiological genre. Thank you so much for the ideas, the books, the book club and taking an interest in your readers⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    1. C.L. Taylor says:

      Hello Marilyn, really lovely to hear from you. Sounds like I need to thank whoever put my book in the cruise ship library! I’m so pleased that you discovered it and thrilled that you enjoyed it. I do like to keep in touch with my readers and find out what you enjoy reading and what you think of my book covers etc! I hope you enjoy the books you ordered. All the best, Cally

  6. Annika Lemas Ramos says:

    I am a Huge huge fan of C.l.Taylor. Look forward to receiving The Lodger. I’ve read to date, all of her books, I’m hooked!!

  7. Carly Stertern-Gill says:

    Hi Cally,

    Just finished Sleep – i really enjoyed it and it really kept me guessing to the end. I could feel the characters isolation through out book being stuck out in Rum. It was really well written and i cant wait to get myself a copy of The Fear.

    1. C.L. Taylor says:

      Thanks Carly, really pleased that you enjoyed Sleep. Thank you for taking the time to leave me a message. All the best, Cally.

  8. David Walford says:

    Hi, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Sleep. Lovely twists and turns, right to the very last. You left me wondering all sorts of things, but you surprised me for sure. Rum felt very real to me as I’ve just returned from a trip to the Outer Hebrides. Looking forward to reading The Lodger and your other books too. Very best wishes.

    1. C.L. Taylor says:

      Thank you, David. I’m so pleased you enjoyed Sleep and that Rum felt authentic. I hope you enjoy my other books. All the best, Cally.

  9. C l Taylor says:

    Hi Cally. I have read a few of your books including The lie, The Accident , The missing and just finished The fear. About to start Sleep. I love your writing style. I am a writer myself but as yet haven’t gotten round to trying to get my work published. Incidentally, my name is also C l Taylor although the C is for Cheryl ☺ . I look forward to enjoying more books from yourself and who knows, maybe one day in the future you will enjoy reading one of mine . 😃

    1. C.L. Taylor says:

      Hello Cheryl, lovely to hear from you. So glad you are enjoying my books and good luck with your own writing. All the best, Cally.

    1. C.L. Taylor says:

      Thanks Allan. I’m currently doing the line edits for the next book which will be published on 19th March 2020 (no title yet!)

    2. C.L. Taylor says:

      Oh! And if you are after more stories rather than novels I am hoping to being out a collection before the end of 2019.

  10. Tracy Foltan says:

    Hi Cally, I have read all your books and avidly look out for anything new. Your characters in all your books are always so realistic and interesting. Thank you for writing such good books. I have a handful of really good authors I always read and you are definitely one of them. Just finished Sleep and it was brilliant. Poor Anna she just can’t catch a break and like all us women we think we going mad when people don’t believe us. Thanks for such strong women characters. Maybe some readers will object but I thought Anna very strong and it’s true what Melanie said in the book that if a man goes through something it’s catastrophic but women just carry on. It’s what we do. That needs to change. Left me thinking long after the book was finished. Never judge someone till you’ve walked in their shoes.

    1. C.L. Taylor says:

      Thank you, Tracy. Your comment means a lot. I am so glad you enjoyed Sleep, and my other books. I hope you enjoy Strangers, my next book, when it comes out in March 2020.

  11. Glen says:

    Just read sleep, it’s the first of your books I’ve read and I loved it, and weirdly I now want to visit the Isle of Rum! 😁 which of your books should I read next?

    1. tracy says:

      Hi Glen, I know you asked C.L. Taylor but I am such a big fan I can’t help but say The Fear is bloody brilliant! You can’t put it down although all her books are so good.

  12. beautybykaz says:

    Wow wow & wow, just read “Sleep” omg twists & turns all through, so excited with this book I have bought FEAR, THE MISSING & THE ESCAPE 😁 & I wasn’t even half way through SLEEP. I could not put this book down & had about a weeks worth of going to bed no earlier than 2am.
    Thank u so much for writing this awesome book.

    I am currently doing a creative writing course and can only hope I will ever be anywhere as close to your work.
    Kaz X

    1. C.L. Taylor says:

      Wow Kaz, what amazing feedback. I’m so chuffed that you bought some of my other books when you were only halfway through Sleep. What a compliment! Wishing you all the best with your course and hope to see you on a bestseller list one day. All the best, Cally

  13. Rosalyn Barnett says:

    I read Sleep a few weeks ago which I just loved and this evening just finished The Escape, it was gripping, I couldn’t put it down!! I can’t get enough of your books, love them. Thank you

    1. Tracey linaker says:

      Hi cally just finished strangers totally brilliant and very twisty. How all the characters came together . I’m about to order all your other books as I read 2 to 3 books a week thanks Tracey

  14. Maxine Chaplain says:

    Have rnow read all your books and have just finished Sleep. It’s the first time I’ve looked up since Christmas! I think I need to introduce you to my book club girls as they will definitely love them too. Looking forward to The Lodger…….

  15. Sue Adams says:

    Hi Cally, love your books! Started with The Lie – Brilliant! Sleep was awesome and just today finished The Fear, great characters and wonderful stories! 🙂 Everything I want and need in a gripping psychological thriller!

    As someone hoping and aspiring to write some stories of her own, you are an inspiration and look up to you as an author, any tips or hints would be most appreciated. Thank you in advance 🙂

    1. C.L. Taylor says:

      Hello Sue, thank you for your kind words about my books. I have lots of tips and hints for writing in the ‘Articles and Interviews’ section of my website and a two-part series on how I write my books on YouTube. I hope they help.

  16. Jude says:

    Hi. Just finished ‘The Fear’. Found I was hooked and had to have a read at every opportunity. Maybe I should thank the Coronavirus Pendemic for allowing me to have more time than I normally would!! Look forward to reading ‘The Lodger’ if it downloads! Thank you.

    1. C.L. Taylor says:

      Hi Jude, I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed The Fear. I hope you managed to get The Lodger to download. Take care and stay safe, Cally.

  17. Geraldine says:

    I have just read The Fear and sleep I have on order accident and missing can’t wait for them to arrive. You have an amazing mind, and a definitely different way of writing I love it thanks

    1. C.L. Taylor says:

      Thank you so much, Geraldine, that’s so lovely to hear. Funnily enough I have a Geraldine in the book I am writing now. Couldn’t possibly say if she’s a good guy or bad guy…

  18. James soen says:

    Just finished Strangers. What a terrific book. Always been fan of psychological thrillers and this had me hooked from the start.
    What a great character in Ursula, not you usual dolly bird but a person to want as a friend.
    Thany you Cally shall look forward to your next, eagerly awaited novel.

  19. M/S. Helen Cannon says:

    Hi! Just finished Sleep. This is the first and definitely not the last book of yours I have read. Fantastic story and a great twist at the end. Christine?? Well what can you say. Just stay away from hospitals is best. On to your next book. Helenx

    1. C.L. Taylor says:

      Thank you, Helen. So glad you enjoyed it. Hope you enjoy which ever book you pick up next. Cally.

  20. Alison says:

    I’ve literally just finished SLEEP, hubby not too thrilled I’ve spent the whole afternoon in the conservatory reading and his tea will be late! I don’t care, this book was taut, tense, addictive reading with such good twists. Well done Cally, I’m sure we’ll have many happy hours ‘together’ again, I’ve got the Cally bug now 😉

    1. C.L. Taylor says:

      That made me smile, Alison. Thanks so much for taking the time to send me a message when tea is already late! I’m really flattered that you spent the whole afternoon reading my book. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. All the best, Cally.

  21. Lavinia Humphries says:

    Hi I have just finished strangers and loved every page what a brilliant read it’s the first book of yours I have read and certainly won’t be the last. Reading the comments above I Will definitely be downloading Sleep as the next, and will look forward to catching up on all of your other books.

    1. C.L. Taylor says:

      Thank you, Lavinia. So glad to hear that you enjoyed Strangers. I hope you enjoy my other books too.

  22. Nicola says:

    The Fear
    I’ve Read many amazing books but this book literally gripped me and held my anticipation from cover to cover.
    Utterly brilliant.
    Thankyou for putting into words something that many hide.
    Let’s talk about abuse, but from an angle of care, understanding, intrigue.

  23. Carly Mills says:

    I have read all of your books bar the Fear which I have just ordered, and cannot wait for it to arrive! I am always guaranteed to get lost in them… such great reads!!!

  24. judeskb says:

    Cannot get enough of your books and you are my number 1 author!!
    I have heard that some authors use real people’s names as story characters …..if this is something you would consider then please can I volunteer?

    1. C.L. Taylor says:

      Thanks Jude, that’s lovely to hear! I do sometimes offer character names for charity auctions, or very occasionally choose one of my followers on my Facebook page. I do have a Jude in one of my YA books – The Treatment!

  25. Margaret Rayment says:

    Great read ! Thoroughly hooked started Friday and just finished. So glad to realise that there is more to come. Congratulations! Haven’t read anything else that I have been so enjoyed and couldn’t put down. Just going to obtain another.

  26. karen soilleux (@kaklin2) says:

    I had never read any of your books and Missing was passed on to me just a few weeks ago, I read it in 2 days, I found the Accident and read that in two days also, now I have just finished Her Last Holiday.looks like you have a new fan. I have passed them on to a friend who I am sure will enjoy your books as much as I do .Great writing, Thank you, looking forward to reading many more.

    1. C.L. Taylor says:

      Thank you, Karen that’s so lovely to hear! I am thrilled that The Missing lead you on to another of my books then another! Thanks for passing them onto your friend I hope they enjoy them as much as you did. All the best, Cally.

      1. Nicola says:

        I bought SLEEP when it first came out as I liked the blurb and was looking for something to reignite my enjoyment of reading which had been in a bit of a lull – it has been on my bookshelf throughout the pandemic and I finally picked it up today!
        A very compelling read which I really enjoyed right to the end. Could not put it down and can’t remember the last time I read a book in a day. Thank you. Looking forward to reading your other works and recommending you to my mum.

      2. C.L. Taylor says:

        Hello Nicola, what a wonderful message. Thank you so much for taking the time to get in touch. I’m delighted that you enjoyed Sleep so much you read it in a day! Thanks for recommending it to your mum. I hope she enjoys it too. All the best, Cally.

  27. ndebzzgmailcom says:

    Hi Cally

    A couple of months ago a friend of mine read The Fear and made me promise to I would read it. I promptly purchased it from the kindle store and honestly reignited my love of reading.

    Currently listening to an audiobook version of Her Last Holiday then have The Missing ready to go and will be eagerly awaiting the next book.

    Safe to say you are my number 1! So thank you.

    1. C.L. Taylor says:

      That’s so nice to hear! Thank you so much for taking the time to get in touch. I’m honoured that The Fear reignited your love of reading and that you’ve burned through my other books. I hope you enjoy The Guilty Couple when it comes out in June. All the best, Cally

  28. zainabshamylgmailcom says:

    Hi Cally, this is me and my friend and we just wanted to say that we are obsessed with your books they are so good, we just finished the fear and the island absolutely loving them. Would you ever consider doing a sequel for the Island? like a part 2. And so far are you writing any new books.

  29. Irene Am says:

    Just read your book The Guilty Couple
    . Absolutely loved it and couldn’t put it down.
    Am hooked on your writing and can’t wait to start on another of your books.

  30. Evelyn hicks says:

    Just read ‘her last holiday’
    Fabulous read . I didn’t guess the plot…

    ( save for fact that Kate slapped Tom not other way round) and I thoroughly suspected Kate of murder. Loved the twist that Jenna was alive and how and why she went into hiding was a realistic and brilliant way to tie everything together . Characters were believable and the plots and twists were subtle as the characters traits unravel in the story.
    Loved loved loved it!

  31. Sue says:

    Just read the Guilty Couple it was a great holiday read. My 1st by this Author cannot wait to read more of her work.

  32. Brenda Roussak says:

    Half an hour ago I finished The Guilty Couple and needed a stiff cup of tea to get back to my life and wait to read your next book (haven’t chosen yet)! I couldn’t put it down and the ending was everything I’d hoped it would be but even more clever! Thankyou

    1. C.L. Taylor says:

      Thank you, Brenda. Your comment made my day. I hope you enjoy whichever of my books you choose next. All the best, Cally

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