Some of the psychological thrillers and young adult thrillers by C.L. Taylor.

C.L. Taylor is the author of nine psychological thrillers and two Young Adult thrillers. They are all standalone novels and can be read in any order.

Every Move You Make (2024)

The Guilty Couple (2022)

Her Last Holiday (2021)

The Island (2021)*

Strangers (2020)

Sleep (2019)

The Fear (2018) 

The Treatment (2017)* 

The Escape (2017)

The Missing (2016)

The Lie (2015)

The Accident (2014)

* Young Adult thriller

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68 thoughts on “Novels

  1. Andrej says:

    I’ve just finished reading The Accident, and got to say it was a very enjoyable read. I think both teens and adults will enjoy this. Loved the concept of having diary entries in between chapters, gives a better insight on the character and situations. And was surprised when I’ve read that the author is from Bristol as well!
    Well done!

      1. John says:

        Hi, I’m 100 pages from the end of The accident and I must say I love the story, it’s got me hocked and can’t wait to read a next book from you, what would you recommend pls

      2. C.L. Taylor says:

        Thank you John, I’m so pleased that you’re enjoying The Accident. I’d suggest The Fear if you want a book with lots of tension next, or Strangers if you want a book with lots of mystery.

      1. Nickolas Newnes says:

        I have just finished the accident and have to say it’s one if the best books I’ve read!
        I have also read the missing which is also excellent!
        Thank you

      1. Natalie says:

        I have read ‘The Lie’ & ‘The Missing’. Just finished reading ‘The Fear’ and have to say I had to take a few breaks before biting off all my nails from pure tension & build up to what was coming next!! The whole story line was fantastic. I have not been disappointed with any of your books but this was the best so far!! Thanks so much & if you keep writing I will keep buying your books 😁

      2. C.L. Taylor says:

        Thank you so much, Natalie. I’ll keep going for as long as people keep buying my books! 😊

      3. C.L. Taylor says:

        No, they’re not a series and the stories aren’t connected in any way so you can read them in any order. All the best, Cally.

  2. Emma says:

    I saw ‘The Lie’ advertised on my commute and decided to give it a go. Really glad I did! So much so that I’ve now read ‘The Accident’ too and am very excited to read ‘The Missing’ next year. Well plotted, fast-paced and compelling. Highly recommend to everyone!

    1. cltaylorauthor says:

      Thank you, Emma. I’m delighted to hear that. I think The Missing is the best book I’ve written so I’d love to hear how you think it compares to the other two.

  3. Neil B says:

    Blimey, tip-top stuff, Ms T. Came across ‘The Lie’ by chance, and steamed it in under two days. Lovely stuff. Strewth, and I thought I’d known a few dodgy birds over the years…….Very Marwood ( which is never a bad thing in my book). Looking forward in the not too distant to putting my trotters up and getting stuck in to ‘The Accident’. It’s always a good feeling when one finds a new author – one that can actually write. I doff my trilby to you, CLT. Salut.

    1. cltaylorauthor says:

      Thanks Neil. Very flattered to be compared to Alex Marwood. Have you read The Darkest Secret yet? Brilliant. Thanks so much for the kind words. My ego is bolstered! 🙂

  4. Neil B says:

    Thanks for the reply, Cal. Nice to hear from you. Nope, yet to read her latest. Can’t stand kindle. Gonna have to wait six months (SIX MONTHS!!!!) until it’s released ‘properly’. Passed ‘The Lie’ on, by the way, to the missus who’s devouring it as we speak. She can be a harsh critic so I await her verdict with interest……Oh, and one final thing: can you recommend any other UK authors in similar vein to yourself/Marwood et al. I do like a good thriller……All the best. NB.

    1. cltaylorauthor says:

      If your wife doesn’t like it Neil, don’t tell me! Re similar authors, have you read any Mark Edwards (The Magpies, Follow You Home etc), Tammy Cohen, Paula Daly, Sarah Hilary? All of them brilliant.

  5. Neil B says:

    Nice one, CT. Shall investigate forthwith. Minor quibles aside ( which we shan’t discuss on a public forum), the Good Lady gave you 8 out of 10. She enjoyed it. ‘It was good; I’d definitely read her again’, she said. An 8? I’d take it….

  6. christine harrison says:

    hi ive just read The accident loved it.. now half way through The lie and again another good read looking forward to The missing

    1. cltaylorauthor says:

      Hello Christine. So pleased to hear that you’re enjoying my books. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I really appreciate it.

  7. Ali J says:

    So far have read the Lie and just finished the Missing, both books were brilliant, but the Missing I actually could not put down and found myself actually looking forward to going to bed so I could read more of it.

  8. Molly B says:

    Have just finished reading The Accident, in two days on my iPad. Could not put it down. Riveting! It was given as a ‘free ‘book’ on line, and therefore I had no expectations as to how good it would be. Now i’m off to purchase ‘The Missing’ and ‘The Lie’. Thank you Cally, and also for generously recommending similar authors.
    Molly B

    1. cltaylorauthor says:

      Hi Molly, so pleased to hear that you enjoyed The Accident and are keen to read my other books. Are you in Australia?

  9. Simon Barton says:

    I’ve read all three of your books, one after the other.
    I wasn’t able to put them down. Excellent stories.
    More please!

    1. cltaylorauthor says:

      Thank you, Simon. I’m currently writing the fourth book. It’ll be out on 6th April 2017.

  10. Molly Bence says:

    Hi Cally. Just read The Missing in two days..could not put it down. Excellent! Looking forward to returning home to Sydney, as I have order The Lie to be delivered to me. Why don’t you consider coming to Oz, when your next book comes out?
    All the best, MollyB

    1. cltaylorauthor says:

      Hello Molly, thanks so much for getting in touch. I’m so pleased that you enjoyed The Missing and have also ordered The Lie. I’d love to come to Australia one day. Fingers crossed it happens!

  11. Eve says:

    Just reading ‘The Lie’ after finishing ‘The Accident’ and ‘The Missing’. Amazing novels!!! Can’t wait to read more. I had a year gap from reading and these were just what I needed to get me back into it! Wow!

    1. cltaylorauthor says:

      Hello Eve, thanks so much for leaving a message. I’m thrilled that my novels have got you back into reading after a year off. What a huge compliment! The next book will be out on 6th April 2017 – just finishing the first draft now!

      1. Nicola Newnes says:

        Read the missing and the accident! Absolutely fantastic can’t wait to read the next one

  12. Lizzie B says:

    Hey Cally. Two weeks ago I was standing in front of the books in a supermarket; one book in my hand, trying to choose another as they were on 2 for 1. A lady who was kneeling on the floor in front of the shelves passed me a book, and said “Try this.” It was The Missing. I read the blurb, thanked the lady for her recommendation and went on my way. The day before that, I graduated in Maths from university, and I haven’t read a book for my own enjoyment in about 4 years now. The Missing seemed like the perfect book for me to rediscover the bookworm in me from when I was a little kid.

    I started reading it as soon as I got home that day, and I finished it yesterday. It’s the first time in a VERY long time that I have picked up a book on every consecutive day until I finished it. It was a truly gripping, brilliant book. My instinct was right, as throughout the book I expected that *that* character would be closely related to Billy’s disappearance! I’ve just ordered The Accident and I can’t wait for it to arrive- after that, I will order The Lie as well. I’ve passed The Missing onto my Mom now, who plans to start reading it soon. I feel like I’ve never been so excited to be into books.

    Thank you for your writing. You have been the one to get me back into reading and I’m really very grateful!

    1. cltaylorauthor says:

      Hi Lizzie, thank you so much for getting in touch. Your message has genuinely made my day. I am so thankful to the lady who handed you my book (what a lovely woman!) and really touched that The Missing got you back into reading. That means so much to me and makes all the hard work that goes into a book worthwhile. I hope your mum enjoys The Missing and you enjoy The Accident and The Lie. All the best, Cally X

  13. Jane says:

    Loved ‘The Lie’ will try to read others now!! Only thing I found jarring was the use of ‘Mom’ , as opposed to Mum, by an English writer writing about English girls. Apart from that, intriguing story. Regards, Jane

    1. C.L. Taylor says:

      Hi Jane, I’m glad you enjoyed The Lie. I can’t remember if I wrote mom or mum. The American version of the book almost certainly used mom. But some parts of the UK use ‘mom’ rather ‘mum’ too! Either way, I hope you enjoy the other books (The Accident uses ‘mam’ because the character is Welsh).

  14. Allan Brook says:

    I’ve just finished The Escape, Could not put it down,This is the first i’ve read in the series but i think I shall start reading the others.

    1. C.L. Taylor says:

      Thank you, Allan. So pleased you enjoyed The Escape. It’s not actually one of a series, the books are all separate stories but I hope you enjoy them! All the best, Cally.

      1. Gill says:

        Hi, is the escape suitable for a 16 year old? Haven’t read it myself. Many thanks

      2. C.L. Taylor says:

        Yes, there’s nothing in The Escape that a sixteen year old couldn’t deal with.

  15. Rebekka says:

    I picked up the lie just before I got on a plane for holiday and I honestly don’t think there was any point in me being there as I spend the majority of the holiday completely amazed bu this book still to the day a book a recommend to everyone and my absolutely favourite!

    1. C.L. Taylor says:

      What a huge compliment. Thank you so much. I am a big fan of reading on holiday – the best way to relax!

  16. Vikki Holden says:

    Just finished reading The Fear!
    What a fabulous book, great twist and compulsive reading.
    Loved it!

    1. C.L. Taylor says:

      Hi Kellie, nice to hear from you. My books are all separate, stand alone stories with different characters and settings and can be read in any order.

  17. Sophie Wright says:

    Hi, I’ve read 4 of your novels in the last 3 weeks, currently on book 5, The Escape. I can’t listen to them quickly enough!

    Thank you for these wonderful novels full of suspense and incredible pace that draws you in like a rollercoaster

    I don’t know what I’ll do once I’ve finished The Lie, up next when I’ve devoured The Escape.

    Sorry Kids, Mummy will return in a few days!

    Thank you so much and get writing !

    Sophie x

    1. C.L. Taylor says:

      What a lovely message Sophie, thank you so much! You’ll be pleased to hear that I’m currently on a writing retreat trying to finish the first draft of my seventh psychological thriller! Then when that’s done I need to finish my second young adult thriller. So I’ll have two books coming out in 2020! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my books. Thanks so much for taking the time to let me know. All the best, Cally.

  18. Alice W says:

    My sister paid a visit in June this year and left behind one of your novels (The Missing) I read it and enjoyed it so much I purchased three more The Escape, The Lie And The fear .
    I have just finished reading The Lie over the last three days I found it hard to put it down it was so good.
    Ive just found this site and checked what other books you have written so have ordered The Treatment and Sleep.
    I cant wait to start reading Escape tomorrow and cant wait for the next two to arrive

    1. C.L. Taylor says:

      Hi Alice, I love that your sister leaving behind a book got you hooked on my novels. Thank you for taking the time to leave me a message. I hope you enjoy the last few books! All the best, Cally

  19. Tracy Morgan says:

    I’ve just finished Sleep. I read it in 2 evenings. I just couldn’t put it down. It was a fabulous read. Sadly I’ve read all your books now so I’ve got to wait for the new 1s. Disappointing to finish a book and know there are no more to read. It’s strange because you race through a book because it grips you but you don’t want it to end either. I’m a thriller and horror and these psychological thrillers have been wonderful to read. Thank you so much.

    1. C.L. Taylor says:

      Thank you, Tracy, that’s so lovely to hear. I am really touched that you’ve read all my books and are looking forward to the next ones. All the best, Cally

      1. Claire Sayers says:

        I have just finished The Island and really enjoyed it . My Tween has developed a love for the same type of books as me and I’m happy to have found a book that I can now pass to her and we can talk about when she finishes !

      2. C.L. Taylor says:

        Hi Claire, I’m so glad you enjoyed it and that you think your Tween will enjoy it too. The Treatment, if you haven’t both read it already, is also suitable for 11+.

  20. jabber62 says:

    Picked up “The Lie” at a local charity book shop and ended up reading it in one sitting. Absolutely brilliant. Have since purchased all the rest and I am hooked. Keep writing please.

    1. C.L. Taylor says:

      Hello! Thanks so much for your message. I’m so pleased that you enjoyed The Lie so much you bought my other books. That’s lovely to hear! I am still writing. Currently halfway through the first draft of the book that will be published in 2021.

  21. TaRaTi says:

    Why you do Tom like that?! I cried throughout his entire chapter, dammit it was too good i was crying for Jessie. Loved the book anyways.

    1. C.L. Taylor says:

      Thanks so much for leaving me a message, Tara. I’m so pleased that you loved The Island and I’m touched that it made you cry as I cried when I wrote parts of it. All the best, Cally.

  22. Lindsay francis says:

    I’ve just finished reading the guilty couple, what an amazing read. Which of your other books are a similar read please?

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