The Accident – Reviews

Reviews for ‘The Accident’/’Before I Wake’:

‘An enjoyable rollercoaster of a suspense novel with multiple twists.’ DAILY MAIL

‘A gripping first novel … This psychological thriller will resonate long after the final page.’ – PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

‘This dark and creepy book is a must read.’ – THE SUN, FABULOUS MAGAZINE

‘A thrilling crime debut’ – WOMAN magazine

“Taylor has suspense down to a fine art.” – RT Book reviews

“Taylor keeps the plot moving and knows how to layer on tension and bring it to a climax.” – LIBRARY JOURNAL

5/5 stars ‘It’s an accomplished author who can offer her reader such an ebb and flow of emotions… there are experienced and well known crime fiction writers out there who couldn’t have pulled it off with such aplomb.
Crime Fiction Lover

5/5 stars ‘I am sure that this book is going to be a big hit because it absorbs you into the storyline and then does not let you go!’
Rea Book Review

5/5 stars ‘…clever, intriguing, beautifully flowing and captivating, this is definitely one to watch.’

5/5 stars ‘I can honestly say it is going to take a LOT to beat this book this year. I am so excited about what else we can expect from Taylor in the future!
She Loves To Read

5/5 stars ‘READ IT, you MUST’
Sue and Her Books

‘I have no idea how to even form the words needed to describe just how fantastic this book is. It’s quite simply outstanding.’
Victoria Loves Books

‘I literally could not put this book down. It completely took over my life!’
Kim the Bookworm

‘It was a veritable roller coaster of emotions that had you turning each page, eager to find out what had happened! The structure of the story is such that you can’t not read on.’
Fabulous Book Fiend

‘Wow! I have just this moment put this book down and my heart is still racing.’
Books with Wine and Chocolate

‘Taylor keeps us guessing, wrong-footing us several times along the way.’
Killing Crime Time

‘There were times during the story that I felt chilled by the menace, so much so that I actually had to put the book down for a while…the suspense is quite electrifying.’
Random Things Through My Letterbox

‘Had me gnawing the inside of my mouth’
Beady Jan’s Bookshelf

‘Suzy’s and Charlotte’s story is highly emotive and will really get under your skin.’
Claire Loves to Read

‘This was one of those books that had me reading into the early hours, and when I wasn’t reading it was constantly in my thoughts.’
Being Anne

‘It’s a gripping story, well-written and full of intrigue and suspense, and I was rooting for Sue – and Charlotte – all the way. I loved it’
Karen Clarke Reviews

‘This is a stunningly good psychological thriller.’
Brief Bits About Books

2 Responses to The Accident – Reviews

  1. Eileen Julie Hacker says:

    This is the the first book I have read from cover to cover on holiday – I have already ordered authors next novel.,

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