The Escape – reviews

‘Her writing gets better and better with each novel and, for me, The Escape is her best book by far. I read it in just a couple of sittings, breath held for most of it, it is totally gripping.’
Anne Cater, Random Things Through My Letterbox 

‘CL Taylor is a maestro of domestic malice and The Escape is without doubt her finest. This book possesses some serious brilliance that will take some beating. It pushes its characters not just to the edge but beyond it, and I had no choice but to follow.’
Rachel Emms, Little Bookness Lane 

‘An absorbing read from an author who consistently offers up unpredictable dramas in off-kilter settings. Domestic noir fans should add The Escape to their to be read list immediately.’
Crime Fiction Lover 

‘The Escape is very fast-paced and twisty and once it’s grabbed you it won’t let you go! I’ve read and loved all of C.L.  Taylor’s previous novels but I think I have to say that The Escape is her best yet.’
Hayley, Rather Too Fond of Books 

‘You’re well and truly immersed in Jo’s visceral, tangible fears, and that’s where the craft of the author really shows through, making the reader experience every twist, every reveal and every worry as if they’re looking out through Jo’s eyes. If this is the first book you read by Cally Taylor, it certainly won’t be your last.’
Rob Scragg, Shots Mag 

‘As with her previous novels, C L Taylor has achieved a story that is dark, suspenseful and addictive. Be prepared to be consumed by The Escape you will want to read it in one sitting; just brilliant.’

‘It’s hard not to say that CL Taylor’s writing gets better with each book, but I really do think that this was her best yet.  To leave me with a dark, feeling of trepidation deep in the pit of my stomach, not knowing which way to turn pure brilliance.’ Kim the Bookworm

‘This book was incredibly good. It was one of those books where I knew from the offset that I wasn’t going to put it down until I’d devoured the very last page.’ Hollie in Wanderlust

‘Cally Taylor is an author with huge insight and attention to detail… My heart literally broke in two whilst reading this book, the pain and shear desperation shone through this novel as true stories both past and present became apparent.’ Crooks on Books 


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‘If you love an edge on your seat thriller, you’ll love The Escape.’
Jacob Collins, Hooked From Page One