The Missing – reviews

Reviews for THE MISSING:

***** – This twisty thriller about a missing teen will keep you up all night” – Our Top 5 Reads (#1)
Heat magazine

“A dark suspenseful thriller” – This Week’s Hot Read
Woman magazine

“Well-written, pacy and gripping.”
Fabulous magazine 

“Kept me guessing until the end.”

“An intriguing and stirring tale, overflowing with family drama…the writing effectively tears at you, and even if your suspicions start to screech and point, you’ll find yourself questioning them! ‘The Missing’ is a fabulously rolling, coiling, twisting tale, if you can’t trust your family, who can you trust?” (Book of the Month April 2016)

“Astoundingly written, The Missing pulls you in from the very first page and doesn’t let you go until the final full stop.”
Bibliophile Book Club 

“Her best so far. It inspired such a mixture of emotions in me and made me realise how truly talented you have to be to even attempt a psychological suspense of this calibre.”
My Chestnut Reading Tree 

“Tense and gripping with a dark, ominous feeling that seeps through the very clever writing. The Missing is an excellent and haunting read, all praise to C L Taylor.”
Anne Cater, Random Things Through My Letterbox 

“C.L. Taylor has done it again, with another compelling masterpiece, a great example of a book that starts of well but gradually draws you in even more, and leaves you unable to put the book down, or catch your breath as it realises its finale.”
Rachel’s Random Reads

“In a crowded landscape of so-called domestic noir thrillers, most of which rely on clever twists and big reveals, this one stands out for its subtle and thoughtful analysis of the fallout from a loss in the family.”

“When I had finished, I felt like someone had ripped my heart out and wrung it out like a dish cloth. I thought Claire’s thoughts at the end were raw and very personal which totally moved me to tears.”
By the Letter Book Reviews 

“The Missing has such a big, juicy storyline and is a dream read if you like books that will keep you guessing and take on plenty of twists and turns.”
Bookaholic Confessions 

“Incredibly thrilling and utterly unpredictable! A must read!”
Aggie’s Books 

“This is a gripping story. Claire is a captivating narrator. The reader feels great empathy for her role as a grieving mother and yet is also aware that she could be potentially responsible for Billy’s disappearance.”

“C L Taylor’s books keep getting better and better, each one more deep and thought-provoking than the last.”
Rachale’s Reads 

“It’s the first time I have cried whilst reading. The last chapter was heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time.”
The Coffee and Kindle 

“The Missing is another hit from C.L. Taylor. It is so cleverly written and so absorbing that I completely forgot about everything else while reading it. Unmissable.”
Alba in Book Land 

“I give this brilliant book 10/10”
Candy’s Bookcase 

“As a parent of a child that went missing the author absolutely captured the fears thoughts, tears, helplessness obsession and frustration that goes with it.”
Laura’s Book Blog Corner

“C L Taylor has a way of drip feeding bits of the jigsaw to the reader but, as with all excellently written psychological thrillers, the big picture isn’t clear until you have all the pieces of the jigsaw.”
Claire Knight,  for CrimeBookJunkie 

“An outstanding performance by the cast in The Missing, from each and every one of them!”
Little Bookness Lane 

“I was desperate to keep reading and find out where Billy actually was and what had happened to him.”
Rather Too Fond of Books 

“Another great read from one of the UK’s finest genre writers.” 

“C.L Taylor has done it again and delivered another compelling read.”
Rea Book Reviews 

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