Tell Them No Lies by Cally Taylor


Sixteen gripping, darkly humorous and devious crime stories by Cally Taylor aka Sunday Times bestseller and psychological thriller author, C.L. Taylor.

Whether you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, you’re in a queue or just want something quick to read, these stories are the perfect bite-sized slices of crime.

The story The Woman on the Train features Fran, a character from C.L. Taylor’s novel Her Last Holiday, and The Neighbour featured Wendy from her novel The Fear.

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Secrets and Rain by Cally Taylor


C. L. Taylor also wrote moving and heartwarming short stories for women’s magazines such as My Weekly, Woman’s Own and Take a Break Fiction Feast. A collection of those stories – ‘Secrets and Rain’ by Cally Taylor –  is available on all international Amazon sites including and

C. L. Taylor started her career writing short stories. Here are a selection of her prize winning and published stories that you can read for free.

Click on the titles to read them.

The following crime short stories were published in 2021:

The Woman on the Train (My Weekly)

Published in 2020:

The Other Girl (First Edition: Celebrating 21 years of Goldsboro Books)

The Villagers (Woman and Home)

Published in 2019:

‘The Sleepwalker’ (My Weekly)

Published in 2018:

‘The Neighbour’ (My Weekly, March 20-26 edition)

Published in 2017:

‘Bird in a Cage’ (Dead Simple, Quick Reads anthology edited by Harry Bingham, February 2017)

‘The Woman in the Window’ (My Weekly, April 18-24)

‘You’ll Be Dead By Dawn’ (Memory Tour, CWA anthology edited by Martin Edwards, published by Orenda Books. Limited edition hardbacks available from Goldsboro Books.

Published in 2016:

‘Bin Wars’ (The Sunday People, April 2016)

‘The Man in the Mirror’ (Woman magazine, July 2016)

‘My Daughter’s Boyfriend’ (My Weekly, 27 August 2016)

‘A Cold Chill At Christmas’ (Woman magazine, 13 December 2016)

Published in 2015:

‘Goodbye My Lover’ (Sunday Express ‘S’ Magazine. April 2015)

‘The Box of Bones’ (My Weekly magazine. April 2015)

‘The Curtain Twitcher’ (The Sunday People, April 2015)

‘The Lodger’ (3 part serial, My Weekly magazine, 19 September 2015). You can read this story by signing up to my newsletter

Published in 2014:

‘Flatmate Wanted: Smokers Welcome’ (‘Guilty Parties’, a Crime Writers’ Association anthology edited by Martin Edwards, published by Severn House. April 2014)

‘The Missing Girls’ (Woman’s Own, July 2014).

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