If the state of your desk reflects the state of your brain…

…then I’m in trouble!*


Last week I had a minor heart attack when I thought I’d lost all the work I’d done on my edits for ‘THE ACCIDENT’ when a Windows 8 update on my new Dell laptop decided to prevent me from logging in (*insert Windows 8 rant here*).

Fortunately a very nice tech guy managed to retrieve all my files (*back-up lesson learnt*) but he wasn’t able to fix the laptop so now I’ve got to wait for Dell to send me a copy of Windows 8 and then talk me through re-instillation.

Which means I’m working on the world’s tiniest Samsung netbook. Still it could be worse…

3 days until I promised I’d get my edits in.

* You can also see, from the post-it note ‘wallpaper’ on the wall in front of me, what happens when I start writing a novel I haven’t fully planned (novel 2:LAST GIRL STANDING). To be continued when my edits are done.

7 thoughts on “If the state of your desk reflects the state of your brain…

  1. Carmella Dillman says:

    I’m so jealous about where you are in your writing career! Computer issues are never fun but just know, so many people WISH they could have a book deal!! I’m just starting the process of querying for an agent so I’m worlds away from even the hope of a book deal, and if you’re still worried about the deadline remember that stressful hangups like this are minor in the grand scheme. Congratulations on your success!

  2. cltaylorauthor says:

    Thanks Carmella, wishing you lots of luck with your agent submissions. Now THAT’S nerve wracking!

    1. cltaylorauthor says:

      I’ve got it but haven’t got round to trying it yet (there’s that stamina issue I was talking about… ;))

  3. cltaylorauthor says:

    Hi Alice, thanks for visiting my blog. When you say you get to the ending and can’t carry on do you mean you stop before you write the end? Or that you don’t rewrite and edit afterwards? Will check out your blog!

    1. Alice Kouzmenko says:

      Hi! Well what happens is, I get to the end and am all excited to carry on and I just get stuck. I know everything I’ve written and I have no way to tie all the loose ends together to make a satisfying ending. Thank you!

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