My edits are in! So are my acknowledgements.

The editing process was really quite pain-free (*touches wood so as not to jinx the next book*) and now it’s off with the copy editor for the real nitty gritty edits.

I’m HOPING there won’t be anything too tricky for me to tackle. While I was doing the edits I created a chapter breakdown for THE ACCIDENT and noted down what time, what day and which characters were in each scene. I didn’t spot any glaring errors, hopefully the copy editor won’t either!

I’ve also written the dedication and acknowledgements for THE ACCIDENT and am filled with a terrible fear that I’ve forgotten to thank someone. I asked a lot of questions (mostly medical) of my Facebook and Twitter friends while I was writing the book and I’ve definitely thanked three people who gave me a lot of help but I’ve got a niggling feeling there was a fourth. If that was you and you’re reading this in June 2014 (when the book is out) and you’ve googled to shout at me I can only apologise! (Want me to thank you in the next book instead?)


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