An author’s ‘To do’ list…

Apologies for the lack of blog posts recently. I haven’t had time to breathe, ever mind blog recently. Here’s my current ‘to do’ list:

Writing: Novels

For the UK version of ‘The Accident’
– complete copy-edits by 1st November – DONE
– rewrite and polish 2 chapters of book 2 (working title ‘Amnesia Girl’) by 1st December so they can be inserted in the back of ‘The Accident’ – DONE

For the US version of ‘The Accident’ (‘Before I Wake’)

– come up with 15 book club Q&As by 15 October – DONE
– write 5 Author Q&As by 15 October – DONE
– write 1,000 word synopsis by 15 October – DONE

Writing: Short stories

– write psychological suspense story set abroad by February for inclusion in Belinda Jones’s 2014 ‘Sunlounger’ anthology – TO DO

Writing: Admin

– get all of my accounts in order for a ‘random’ visit by the VAT man on 10th October (eeek!) – DONE


– finish ‘The Wasp Factory’ by Saturday (we’re going to see the Ben Frost opera of it at the Royal Opera House. Am stupidly excited, I’ve never been to an opera before) – DONE
– start (and finish) ‘The Long Earth’ by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxster for book club on 11th October – FAILED!
– start (and finish) ‘Oryx and Crake’ by Margaret Atwood by 22nd November (my choice, hosted at my house!) – DONE

And I also have to fit in 4 full-time days a week at the day job, toddler wrangling and house work (oh okay, I let the house work slide…)

I’ll be back when I’ve stopped hyperventilating.

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