The Missing has left the building!

I realised the other day that I haven’t updated this blog since September and wondered why, only to realise that I spent the whole of October and a good part of November completing my edits for The Missing. There were no nasty surprises in my editor’s comments on the first draft – I agreed with pretty much everything she said – but it still took a while to implement the changes.

Working out the time line of my books post first-draft is always fiddly but a tip I read on Jill Mansell’s Facebook page made my life a whole lot easier. Why hadn’t I thought about printing out calendars and entering the plot points on them before? It makes filling in gaps like ‘it’s been XXX days since my argument with Mark’ so much easier. I also realised that I had a character going to school on a Saturday!


Once I’d completed my edits I put together a proposal for my 4th psychological thriller. It’s an idea I came up with earlier this year after a local news story peaked my interest and I really want to write it.  My agent Maddy loved it and said it was the best premise for a novel that I’ve come up so we were both on tenterhooks when it went off to Avon HarperCollins. Thankfully the idea received an enthusiastic thumbs up so I’ll be beginning my research in December  (reading non-fiction books mostly). In January I need to arrange some interviews with various subject matter experts and then, in February, I’m off on my first ever ‘research road trip’ which will take me to Ireland. In between I’ll be doing a lot of plotting and planning.

Earlier this month Maddy took me out to The Ritz for afternoon tea to celebrate The Lie becoming a Sunday Times Bestseller back in April (it was tricky finding a time we could both do!). It was such a lovely afternoon. Going for tea at The Ritz has been on my bucket list forever and it was wonderful to share the experience with Maddy.

I received another lovely surprise earlier this week. Avon sent me this to celebrate sales of over 500,000 copies of The Accident and The Lie. It now has pride of place on my study wall.



11 thoughts on “The Missing has left the building!

    1. cltaylorauthor says:

      Thanks Caroline. Not 100% sure which part of Ireland I’ll be going to but I do love the Beara Peninsula so maybe there. It needs to be quite remote, a small closed community…

      1. Caroline Mitchell says:

        It’s a small world, I’ve been there, my aunt lives in Castletown Bere, which is a tiny rugged island right next to it, only seven miles long. If you get the opportunity do pay it a visit. The locals speak in a very fast Cork accent, and are really friendly. You’ll love it!

      2. cltaylorauthor says:

        I’ve been there! It’s the nearest town to the Anam Cara writing retreat (which I’ve been to twice!). Amazing scenery in that part of Ireland and the people are lovely!

  1. Nicola says:

    Many Congratulations, Cally!! Pleased you enjoy High Tea at the Ritz. I wish you much fun in your upcoming research and your new project. Sounds very intriguing.

  2. Tanya says:

    Well done for your achievements this year, Cally. You had much to celebrate and sound like you have an interesting few months ahead.
    Looking forward to ‘The Missing’, Hope you haven;t forgotten our conversation about a book for 7-ish-year-olds. I think your thriller concepts could translate to a great mystery for that age – children in my library still ask for spooky and mysteries, without silly witches!

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