The Escape is a Sunday Times bestseller

On Tuesday afternoon my editor called me to discuss my idea for my new book and let me know the sales figures for The Escape. When she told me that 9,047 copies had been sold in five days and The Escape was a number 4 Sunday Times paperback bestseller I squealed down the phone (apologies, Helen). In fact, I was so excited that Helen said we’d save the new book conversation for the next day so I had time to let the news sink in!

I am SO hugely grateful to team Avon for all their hard work, the book bloggers, newspaper/magazine reviewers and authors who’ve read it and helped spread the word and all the amazing readers who’ve bought a copy. I know how incredibly lucky I am to be in this position.

Update! On Tuesday 4th April my editor rang to tell me that The ESCAPE had sold over 10,700 copies in a week and was #2 in the Sunday Times paperback bestseller chart!


If you haven’t read The Escape yet take a look at the book bloggers reviews (above) and the reviews from the press:

‘Grabs you by the metaphorical throat right from the start and doesn’t let up until the end.’
Heat magazine

‘A headlong psychological thriller …the tension is well sustained.’

‘A gripping, disturbing read.’

‘This twisty-turny read is CL Taylor’s best yet.’
THE SUN Fabulous magazine

After all that excitement I still need to carry on plotting the next book (my deadline is 1st September and time is ticking). Some books arrive in my head almost fully formed. Not this one though. It’s a tricksy little sod. I have the basic premise in place, the bare bones of a plot and no ending. It’ll come… I hope.

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