I forgot to mention I have a book out!

In all the excitement of the last ten days I completely forgot to update my blog to celebrate the fact that Her Last Holiday was published in paperback on 20th January (in my defence I shouted about it all over social media!)

So yes, Her Last Holiday is OUT NOW and you can get copies in Asda, Sainsbury, Morrisons, Tesco, WH Smith’s on the high street, WH Smith’s Travel, independent bookshops, Amazon and Waterstones who have a special edition that features a short story called ‘Deeper and Deeper’ which was inspired by my trip to Iceland last year, about a hypnotist and her client.

A couple of days after publication my publicist Becci arranged for me to visit six branches of Waterstones in London: Kingston, Richmond, Chiswick, Gower Street, Picadilly and Trafalgar Square so I could sign their stock of Her Last Holiday. We had a military type schedule where we could only spend ten minutes max in each store before we had to jump into the taxi to be whisked off to each destination! We stopped for lunch before the last two destinations and I met my editor Thorne (who is standing in for Helen while she’s on maternity leave) for the first time.

There was another first this publication day – my first radio advert! If you listen to Virgin or Heart keep an ear out for it.

If you haven’t bought it yet grab it in the next few weeks as it won’t be in the shops and supermarkets forever. And if you have read and reviewed it thank you so much. I’ll have some exciting news about my NEXT book very soon.

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