Four different designs – which one is your favourite?

My author copies of The Guilty Couple have arrived!

For this book I asked my publisher Avon Books not to tell me what they’d embossed on the board beneath the jacket so it would be a surprise (spoiler: I loved it!)

The Guilty Couple is my ninth crime novel and my fourth hardback. With every hardback my publisher embosses something different on the board for the limited first edition.

Which one is your favourite?


Sleep: First line of the book – ‘If you are reading this then I am no longer alive…’ embossed in silver on a black board.


Strangers: CL Taylor signature in gold embossing on a dark blue board.


Her Last Holiday: Warning May Cause Addiction stamp in silver embossed on a bright blue board.


The Guilty Couple: What’s your verdict? embossed in silver on a red board with silver handcuffs hanging from the question.


Want a signed copy of The Guilty Couple hardback with the red board and silver embossing?

Lisa Jewell called it ‘a red-hot, non-stop, rollercoaster ride’, Claire Douglas called it ‘addictive’, Janice Hallett called it a ‘proper, classy thriller’ and Angela Marsons said she was ‘up until 2am finishing it.’


You can have it made out to you (or a friend) with a personalised message from C.L. Taylor, an exclusive CL Taylor doodle and a ‘Lost in a CL Taylor book again. Don’t come looking’ bookmark!

Pre-order from independent bookshop Max Minerva’s – last date to pre-order is 15th June 2022:

Signed but not personalised copies are available from Goldsboro books. The jacket is wrapped in a clear protective sleeve – perfect for first edition collectors.

If you order from your local independent bookshop I’ll send you a complimentary signed bookplate to stick in it, made out to you. Just contact me on social media.

You can also pre-order unsigned copies from:






*NB: In the USA The Guilty Couple is available in paperback only and in Ireland, Australia and Canada it’s available in trade paperback (which is a larger version of the paperback.)

Max Minerva’s can send the hardback to anywhere in the world apart from the EU (sorry EU).

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