The Guilty Couple is published today!

Yesterday I had the loveliest day in London, celebrating the publication of The Guilty Couple with my publishing team.

Me outside the News Building that houses HarperCollins.

I went in, stood at the reception desk and then suddenly noticed that the enormous screen at the top of the escalator was welcoming me to HarperCollins, and then it showed me the book trailer for The Guilty Couple! A real wow moment for sure!

Here’s a closer look:

We went up to the offices and toasted the publication (a day early) of The Guilty Couple and I was given a lovely silver handcuffs bracelet that mimics the handcuffs embossed on the board of the hardback.

Afterwards we went out for lunch at Dishoom and burnt our mouths off with the chilli chicken starter (not pictured!)

Then it was round the corner to Goldsboro Books to sign first edition hardbacks of The Guilty Couple (available to purchase here!)

Then it was time to head home, grab some dinner and get ready for the Reading Party. It was a lot of fun. Everyone read beautifully and there was a lot of laughter during the Q&A and bookplate signing. If you haven’t been to a Reading Party I highly recommend it.

Today I will mostly be preparing for my Facebook Live Launch Party tonight at 7pm. There will be a brief intro to, and reading from, The Guilty Couple then lots of fun and games and prizes to be won, followed by a Q&A. To join the fun follow me on Facebook and you’ll receive a notification when I go live.

There are additional prizes to be won if you have a copy of The Guilty Couple in your hands (hardback or ebook) so if you haven’t got yours yet do pop into Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, WH Smith’s, Costco or Waterstones today and grab one!

Huge thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered one, particularly those of you who ordered via Max Minerva’s. I hope you liked your personalised messages and doodles.

Hopefully see you tonight for the live launch!


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One thought on “The Guilty Couple is published today!

  1. tracy-leigh foltan says:

    What’s my verdict? Well, I don’t know how you do it, but this book is easily THE best you’ve written, and I have read every one of your books and am a huge fan. The whole book from beginning to end was non-stop. I assumed one of the friends was guilty, but the ending just totally took me by surprise. And who it was? Wow. You think you know someone. The scary thing is, is how well do you know a person? Here you think someone has it all, the perfect house, the perfect job, “the perfect marriage” etc when behind closed doors it just goes all wrong in an instant. You meet someone and you think they are who they say they are, but that’s not the case in dating too.
    Olivia, I felt so sorry for and for Grace who didn’t ask for any of this. Something just needs to happen to unravel a person’s life into shambles, it’s unreal and so realistic. It also showed how you can take, take, take and then take no more and thankfully Olivia reached that point. Oh, and Smithy, she just needed a chance just to live a normal life and not giving anything away I think eventually she did it. I love, love your books and look forward to new ones. Thank you for writing this and keeping me gripped right till the end and for also just making all the women in your book phenomenally strong characters. You are so up there with Linwood Barclay, Kimberly McCreight and Lisa Jewell my favourite thriller authors! Thanks again.

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