The author photo my agent and editor chose was…

This one!

Cally Taylor 109 (800x533)

30.56% of you (who voted in my poll in my previous post) agreed with them! Although the winner for you guys was this photo:

Cally Taylor 57 (800x533)

with 38.89% of the vote!

I LOVED reading the comments on the blog and my Facebook page. Obviously when look at my photos I’m looking for things like wrinkles, double chins, bad hair etc but you guys were a lot more thoughtful, talking about things like lighting, expression, eye contact, mood (and cleavage, yes, apparently the photo above has too much cleavage for some of my male readers. Who’d have thunk it?). Anyway, skipping swiftly away from that subject (I don’t want to start a debate) I just want to say thanks to everyone who joined in the vote. It was a lot of fun.

Coming in the next blog post…my edits are in…*cue ominious music*

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