The Accident/Before I Wake cover reveal!

I’ve been waiting for what feels likes forever to be able to do this so….

Ta daaaa!!!!

I finally get to reveal the UK and US covers and blurbs for my debut psychological suspense novel.

The novel is called ‘The Accident’ over here in the UK and ‘Before I Wake’ in the US. The titles, blurbs and covers couldn’t be more different but the book inside is exactly the same. I find it fascinating that they’re so different. What do you think?

The Accident – CL Taylor
Published by Avon HarperCollins in the UK in April 2014

The Accident - CL Taylor (Avon HarperCollins) UK
The Accident – CL Taylor (Avon HarperCollins) UK

A gripping debut about the deadly secrets your children can keep …
Fast-paced and suspenseful The Accident is perfect for fans of Before I Go to Sleep, Gone Girl and Sophie Hannah.

Sue Jackson has the perfect family but when her teenage daughter Charlotte deliberately steps in front of a bus and ends up in a coma she is forced to face a very dark reality.

Retracing her daughter’s steps she finds a horrifying entry in Charlotte’s diary and is forced to head deep into Charlotte’s private world. In her hunt for evidence, Sue begins to mistrust everyone close to her daughter and she’s forced to look further, into the depths of her own past.

There is a lot that Sue doesn’t know about Charlotte’s life. But then there’s a lot that Charlotte doesn’t know about Sue’s …

Before I Wake – CL Taylor
Published by Sourcebooks in the US in June 2014.

Before I Wake - CL Taylor. Published by Sourcebooks in the USA
Before I Wake – CL Taylor. Published by Sourcebooks in the USA

A mother risks everything to uncover the truth behind her daughter’s botched suicide attempt

To the outside world, Susan Jackson has it all-a loving family, successful husband, and beautiful home-but when Charlotte, her teenage daughter, steps in front of a bus and ends up in a coma, she is forced to question all of it.

Desperate to find out what caused Charlotte’s suicide attempt, she discovers a horrifying entry in her diary: “keeping this secret is killing me.” As Sue spins in desperate circles, she finds herself immersed in a dark world she didn’t know existed-and the closer she comes to the truth, the more dangerous things become.

Can she wake up from the nightmares that haunt her and save her daughter, or will Charlotte’s secret destroy them both?

And hopefully these blurbs will be featured on both (HUGE HUGE thanks to Alex, Mel and Paula for providing them)

“An ominous atmosphere, a tense tale of past and present colliding, and a narrator whom no-one believes: this book is a delight.”
Alex Marwood (‘The Killer Next Door’, ‘The Wicked Girls’)

‘This fast, twisty psychological thriller has suspense on every page!’
Paula Daly (‘Just What Kind of Mother Are You?’_

‘One of the best books I’ve read in ages – the tension never lets up until the final pages. Page-turning suspense ratcheted up with every new scene. Sub-plots woven in effortlessly. Brilliant – my heart was racing as I drew nearer and nearer to the ending.’
Mel Sherratt (‘Watching Over You’, ‘Taunting the Dead’)

If you’d like to pre-order either of the versions you can do so here: (UK version: The Accident) (US version: Before I Wake)

7 thoughts on “The Accident/Before I Wake cover reveal!

  1. kathmcgurl says:

    I love the covers and the blurbs, and am very much looking forward to reading this. Read Gone Girl not so long ago and couldn’t put it down so I’m expecting the same from your book!

  2. Sarah says:

    Hello 🙂 Love your book. So much infact I finished it in two days, have you written a sequel? I really want her to wake up!

    Sarah ,13yrs

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