Two spooky black envelopes and a surprise parcel…

The Accident by CL Taylor - PR campaign

It seems like forever ago that I went to Covent Garden to meet with LightBrigade PR to talk about PR for THE ACCIDENT but, last week, one of the ideas we mooted came to fruition and it was SO exciting to watch it unfold on Twitter!

In THE ACCIDENT Sue’s teenaged daughter deliberately steps in front of a bus and ends up in a coma. When Sue investigates why she discovers an entry in Charlotte’s diary that says, ‘keeping this secret’ is killing me.

Sue then receives a series of items through the post and I suggested that it might be an idea to try and spook out book bloggers by sending them those items through the post, followed by a copy of the book.

LightBrigade PR took that idea one step further and came up with the, quite frankly brilliant idea of sending the bloggers a black envelope containing a page from a diary (April 10th 2014 – publication date) with the words ‘keeping this secret is killing me’ written on it (all photos courtesy of Anne Cater from Random Things Through My Letterbox).

The Accident by CL Taylor - PR campaign
‘Keeping this secret is killing me’ – a page from Charlotte’s diary.

The response on Twitter was great. Anne was confused.

Anne Cater receives the first black envelope.
Anne Cater receives the first black envelope.

And Vanessa O’Louglin of was perplexed.


Her ex-cop husband was suspicious (and I got a bit nervous!)


The next day another black envelope was delivered. This one contained a baby scan…


…with ‘Life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth’ Deuteronomy written on the back.


Now Vanessa started getting spooked…


Other Tweeters started asking questions…


All was revealed on the third day when a black parcel was delivered…




No more black envelopes. Or are there?


THE ACCIDENT by CL Taylor – published on 10th April 2014 by Avon HarperCollins. Available to pre-order on Kindle for just 99p.

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    1. cltaylorauthor says:

      Very unnerving! I’m not sure how many we’re sent out. Not to every book blogger, I know that much.

  1. cltaylorauthor says:

    Kath – I would happily have agreed to everyone being freaked out but there was a limited budget!

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