The one where I pretend to be on Jackanory…

Three weeks and three days until The Missing comes out.

Two dozen bloggers have received their proofs and a bottle of wine advertising a ‘Missing Person’ (thanks to Laura for the photos) and more bloggers are due to receive their paperbacks very soon.

At 5pm today (GMT) The Missing will be made available on NetGalley but ONLY FOR 24 HOURS. So if you’re a blogger or reviewer you need to be quick!

This afternoon I wrote 340 words of my fourth psychological thriller. 340 words might not sound like much (and it’s not when you consider most of my novels are at least 100,000 words) but I find writing the first page of a new novel really difficult. I feel very self-conscious. It’s like going on a first date, but with a book. We’ve talked for ages but we don’t know each other very well yet. Anyway, I’ve started and that’s the hardest bit done.

Why the title of this blog post? When I was little one of my ambitions was to read a story on Jackanory. I never would have believed that 30-something years later YouTube would exist and I could pretend to be the narrator of one of my own books. Here’s a sneak peek at The Missing

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